What is a CTP version of a product?

I’ve been through many articles and news alerts from all around the web saying CTP version of this product is out. Initially I really wasn’t that much interested in this kind of news neither I was on the level of expertise that I can talk on these terms. As the time passed and I grew up a little (technically), I was forced to know what is a CTP? 

So like folks do always, I did Google the term and here’s the summary: 
(I know there’s a plenty of articles/posts out there but just to keep myself informed I’m posting it here also):

CTP is an acronym for Community Technical Preview. Generally, it’s an incomplete preview of a new technology in progress. It’s a very early release which comes before Beta version of a product and which is intended for the more technologically advanced customers to seek for feedback and bug submissions. Usually there are a lot of changes between a CTP and the final release.

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