New Inheritance Features in CSS

let‚Äôs explore the new inheritance features that you may not be aware of and see where these features fit-in well to use and how to use them effectively.Inheritance in CSS is actually very straightforward. Imagine you had to specify the font-size or font-family of every element, instead of simply adding it to the body element? … Read more

Template Tag in HTML5

W3C has introduced a new “template”¬†tag that provides a mechanism to define HTML markup fragments as prototypes. In practice, a template can be used to insert fragments of HTML code into your page, for example: <template¬†id=”rowTemplate”> <tr> <td¬†class=”record”></td> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> </template> FeaturesThe following are the features of the template tag: The template code can … Read more