Project Migration Error – StackFlair-master

An hour back I was trying to generate a flair like StackOverflow and after a bit of research I landed up¬†StackFlair Project¬†by Rebecca Chernoff¬†on GitHub. Right now I’m running¬†Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate on my¬†PC. I tried to¬†start the project and it asked me to migrate. Fair enough. I did. And¬†it didn’t go well. Threw an … Read more

ASP.NET Core Application Startup Error

So, I started one of my Application on my machine in Visual Studio 2015 and I saw this beautiful error message. The following error occurred attempting to run the DNX design time process (dnx-clr-win-x8+ No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused the connection.¬†… I thought to just ignore this error and … Read more