[Solved] I cannot see the comments on my blogger posts!

Sunny Sharma 0
I recently came to know that I’m receiving the email when somebody posts a comment on my blog but I actually cannot see the comment when I visit the page. Also, it’s not in moderation so all the comments are supposed to show up. After digging for around a hour with the actual problem I found the ultimate solution to just not to use Google+ Comments feature. I was using Google+ comments on my blog and that seemed the real problem. I was getting the count of comments but not the comments!

Here’s the steps how I solved it an got my comments showing back on the blogs:

1. Go to blogger dashboard.
2. Click on “Google+” in the left panel.
3. Uncheck the options “Use Google+ Comments on this blog”.

That’s all it took for me to show up my comments back on the blogs.

Hope this helps someone like me!

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