A new guard page for stack cannot be created- ASP.NET MVC4 Error

An hour back I was working with ASP.NET and encountered with this pretty error. I kept wandering for about ten minutes what really has happened. My iisexpress.exe was automatically shut down and it didn’t work when I kept hitting CTRL+F5. How I solved it:Later i the process I came to know that I had the … Read more

“object does not contain a definition for get_Range” in Excel C#

Error: ‘object’ does not contain a definition for ‘get_Range’ Line of Code: Excel.Range¬†header¬†=¬†wks.get_Range(wks.Cells[1,¬†1],¬†wks.Cells[1,¬†10]); Solution: Cast the cells as “object” in get_Range() Excel.Range¬†header¬†=¬†wks.get_Range((object)wks.Cells[1,¬†1],(object)¬†wks.Cells[1,¬†10]); Thanks!