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Hi everybody, Greetings for the day!
Here I come with the Bulk SMS Sender absolutely free.
All you have to do is create an account on which most of you already have though as I think. You’re just required to put your username and password and contact nos. with the message to forward them all in one go. Actually it came to be my requirement on various celebrations or holidays when we wish to send the same message to all our loved ones in one shot without spending a single penny. Most of us go with any online free sms provider where we need to fill every contact send message on by one. Give this application a try and you’ll be relaxed. You may encounter Server error at peak hours. Don’t forget to separate the contact nos with a semi-colon.
I discovered a more efficient way of doing this for me and I’m sharing this to the world with intention to help others having same problems as I explained. And finally Yes, your credentials are completely secured and not being stored anywhere…Cheers !!


Download the way2sms application here:
Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated.

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