New Features in Excel 2013

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Excel 2013 extends the existing capabilities of Excel 2010 and adds some very useful new ones. The New features introduced in Excel 2013 include:
Windows 8 functionality: Excel 2013, like all Office 2013 programs, takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Windows 8 operating system. When it is running on a computer running Windows 8, Excel embodies the new presentation elements and enables you to use a touch interface to interact with your data.

A window for each workbook: Every workbook now has its own program window.

    New functions: More than 50 new functions are available, which you can use to summarize your data, handle errors in your formulas, and bring in data from online resources.

      Flash Fill: If your data is in list form, you can combine, extract, or format the data in a cell. When you continue the operation, Excel detects your pattern and offers to extend it for every row in the list.

        Quick Analysis Lens: Clicking the Quick Analysis action button, which appears next to a selected cell range, displays different ways to visually represent your data. Clicking an icon creates the analysis instantly.

          Recommended PivotTable: PivotTables create interactive and flexible data summaries. You can have Excel recommend a series of PivotTables to create from your data, click the one you want, and keep working.

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            Recommended Charts: As with Recommended PivotTables, Excel recommends the most suitable charts based on patterns in your data. You can display the suggested charts, click the one you want, and modify it so it’s perfect. 

              Chart formatting control: You can fine-tune your charts quickly and easily. Change the title, layout, or other elements of your charts from a new and interactive interface.

                Chart animations: When you change the underlying data in a chart, Excel updates your chart and highlights the change by using an animation.

                  Cloud capability: You can now share workbooks stored online or post part of a workbook to your social network by posting a link to the file.

                    Online presentation capability: You can share your workbook and collaborate in real time with others as part of a Microsoft Lync conversation or meeting. You can also allow others to take control of your workbook during the conversation or meeting.

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