Mobile Internet – Modem Initialization Commands FAQs

One of my friend recently inquired me about Modem Initialization Commands for Mobile Internet. We had a nice talk over the phone to make the concept clear. I would like to share the major points to you all so that you have a better picture about this with regard to Mobile Internet.
Q. What is initialization command?
A. Commands that instruct a modem what to do.

Q. Is it always same for all devices?
A. No. It can be different for different devices as they may expect such commands in different format/syntax that are set by the manufacturing company.

Q. Is it limited to mobile phones?
A. No. It is not limited to only the mobile phones but all the mobile devices that occupies with a modem.

Q. Is it always necessary to set an initialization command?
A. No. If you’re using a PC-Suite provided by manufacturer of your mobile device and it is not pre-configured with the initialization commands necessary to connect your mobile device to Internet, then you are required to manually set it. In most of the cases PC-Suite(s) are pre-configured. In case you’re creating a new connection and your device driver (in this case Modem Driver) is not pre-configured to send these commands, then also you’re required to set it manually. The very first time you connect your mobile device to PC, it tries to recognize and installs drivers for all of its capabilities like music, video, camera, storage, modem etc.

Q. Can we connect to the internet using our mobile phone and initialization command without ant device driver installed on PC?
A. No. You just can’t. Your PC cannot communicate to your phone unless it has a valid driver installed for your mobile device.  If the modem driver is not installed, for any type of connectivity be it the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Data-Cable, your phone and your PC cannot communicate with each other because they don’t understand the signals exchanged to each other. A device driver works as a bridge to make them understand the signals (data) exchanged by each other and behave accordingly.

Suggestions and amendments are most welcome !!
Hope this helps somebody 🙂

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