How to handle negative TimeSpan value in C#?

I had problems with casting TimeSpan object to DateTime. Error occured: FormatException (“the input string was not in proper format”).Code I tried:DateTime.Parse(record.Field(“Hours”)); // raised errorHere record is a DataRow object and I’m using Linq to Objects to parse the Date.//Field actual value :”{-06:25:00}”How did I overcome?I used .Duration() method of TimeSpan object.DateTime.Parse(record.Field(“Hours”).Duration()); HTH 🙂

Creating Reusable and Scalable Calendar Icon in HTML5 and CSS3

This article explains how tro create a calendar icon for your blog or website, and yes, it is scalable, so you can resize it to any ratio and it will not be blurred just by changing a font-size.  You’re free to change the color/size of the text or an icon or anything as you prefer. … Read moreCreating Reusable and Scalable Calendar Icon in HTML5 and CSS3

Template Tag in HTML5

W3C has introduced a new “template” tag that provides a mechanism to define HTML markup fragments as prototypes. In practice, a template can be used to insert fragments of HTML code into your page, for example: <template id=”rowTemplate”> <tr> <td class=”record”></td> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> </template> FeaturesThe following are the features of the template tag: The template code can … Read moreTemplate Tag in HTML5