Month: September 2013

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What is CLR (Common Language Runtime)?

CLR is a part of .NET Framework which manages the execution of several supported .NET languages, allo

What is Cell Broadcast Message?

Cell Broadcast is a term used in Telecom that means to send a particular information to all the users

What is Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe) and how does it work?

Ngen.exe (Native Image Generator) is a tool that creates native images, which are files containing co

What are different types of JIT?

There are 3 types of JIT compiler in .NET: Normal JIT: It’s the Default or Standard JIT compile

How does JIT compiler work?

Just in time compiler (JIT) compiles the code just before execution and saves the compiled code in me

What is IL Code?

IL (Intermediate Language) Code is CPU independent partially/half compiled code. Partially means this